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Music is my language in this world. It has always been. 

I've been driven to her by my instinct when I was a little child. I walked into her arms with the joyful levity of a 4 years old boy free from psychological superstructures, moving naturally toward his higher self. 


She is a mirror of my soul. My partner for life. 

There's a specific moment I can recall in my mind as the starting point of my love story with her. 


I was sitting by the table in my parents' kitchen. My mother was cooking dinner. 

My little hands moved fast on the wooden table... I was playing an imaginary piano. 

In my fantasy it was not just about miming, I could actually imagine melodies being played. 


Being a pianist. Playing music. My favourite game. 


The radio also attracted me strongly. I could sit and listen at it for hours. I called it "the magic box". 


I was always looking for new emotions. I usually got bored very easily, even with my toys. That is why I used to invent new ones. 


If I look back at this now I can give a name to it all. 

The need to create new worlds, a mind that never stops. A strong desire to discover. I guess you are born with that. 

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