The following is a selection by genre of some projects I have been developing throughout the years in addiction to my main activity of  Music Director.

Rita Pavone - Masters

It has been a great pleasure for me to work on Rita Pavone’s last album “Masters”. 

I have been responsible for the album music direction as well as for all the arrangements. 


The concept I have been developing in this project is the merge from two worlds. In my life I  love to look at the same subject from two extreme points of view. I believe this is the only way to experience reality to the fullest.


For this album, I have been working on 16 American classics. I have greatly enjoyed re-arranging them mixing different music styles belonging to different ages. Musically, it has been like celebrating the union of the ancient and the modern world, aiming for a timeless result. 


Artistically, for “Masters” we have decided to record live and analog with a big band, just like in the golden time of the swing in order not to miss that magic. 


After the Album release,  A live tour in Italy followed





In year 2006 I have been responsible for the Soundtrack of the Opening Ceremony of the IX Turin Paralympic Winter Games. It has been an incredible adventure and a beautiful challenge. 

For the occasion, I have ben composing and producing over one hour of original music to cover the entire length of the Ceremony. I have been using  different musical languages and styles in order to fit the different segments of the Ceremony (protocol, artistic). 

The soundtrack has been developed in order to be fully flexible and adaptable with the action on the field and with the live worldwide broadcasting.



1991 Bravo Bravissimo
1995 Fiorello Show (Mediaset)
1995 Mina contro Battisti (Canale 5)
1995-96 Non dimenticate lo spazzolino da denti (Canale 5)
1996 La febbre del Venerdi' sera (Canale 5)
1996-97 Buona Domenica (Canale 5)
1997 Disco per l'estate
1997-98 Buona Domenica (Canale 5)
1998 Disco per l'estate
1998-99 Superboll (Canale 5)
1999 Francamente me ne infischio (Rai 1)
2001 Stasera pago io (Rai 1)
2001 125 milioni di cazzate (Rai 1)
2003 Stasera pago Euro (Rai 1)
2013 Festival di Sanremo (Rai1): Orchestra Conductor with the band “Blastema”


1989-90 Enrico Ruggeri
1994 Adriano Celentano European tour
2014 Rita Pavone

Original music

MB Show (Radio 2)
Bravo Radio 2 (Radio 2)
Eureka (Rai 2)
Screensaver (Rai 3)
Miss Italia (Rai 1)
Matrix (Canale 5)


RADICAL STUFF - Album “Hardaswallow”: piano and keyboards

JANICE ROBINSON -Album ”The color within me “ (Warner ) - author


Album ”Nothing I would change “ (Warner ) - author


*What can happen to us 

MANDY MOORE – Album “Mandy Moore” (Sony ) - author and producer

*you remind me 

LIANE FOLY - Album “Le Best Of”  - author

*A l’interieur 

ANTONELLO VENDITTI - Album “Che fantastica storia la vita “ (Bmg) - beat programming and keyboards


*Il sosia 

GIORGIA - Album “Spirito libero” - producer and arranger


RITA PAVONE - Album “Masters” (Sony) - producer and arranger

Original Soundtrack

IX Giochi Paralimpici Invernali Torino 2006 - Cerimonia di Apertura

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