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Music is my language in this world. It has always been. 

I've been driven to her by my instinct when I was a little child. I walked into her arms with the joyful levity of a 4 years old boy free from psychological superstructures, moving naturally toward his higher self. 


She is a mirror of my soul. My partner for life. 

There's a specific moment I can recall in my mind as the starting point of my love story with her. 


I was sitting by the table in my parents' kitchen. My mother was cooking dinner. 

My little hands moved fast on the wooden table... I was playing an imaginary piano. 

In my fantasy it was not just about miming, I could actually imagine melodies being played. 


Being a pianist. Playing music. My favourite game. 


The radio also attracted me strongly. I could sit and listen at it for hours. I called it "the magic box". 


I was always looking for new emotions. I usually got bored very easily, even with my toys. That is why I used to invent new ones. 


If I look back at this now I can give a name to it all. 

The need to create new worlds, a mind that never stops. A strong desire to discover. I guess you are born with that. 


This, together with my persistence in "playing" my imaginary piano convinced my parents to sign me up for Music classes. 


I first started with the organ, followed by the piano. I could feel them familiar, as if they were natural extensions to my arms. 


I had to climb the piano stool to get to the keyboard. I have this image of me playing while my feet could not reach the ground. I've never felt the void under me. The keyboard was my horizon. 


I suffered the limits of the piano technique. My teacher tried hard to make me focus on theory but it soon became clear that it would not have been it the driver of my art. Instinct brought me directly to the source of Music, the magic place where I met my art. 

I was too young to figure out what was happening to me. Now I know it perfectly: I got to the source of inspiration. She is my starlight. Since I first met her, I've never stopped to seek for her. 

I have always played beyond scores. When I am at the piano, I interpret the Music starting from my emotions in that very moment. I do the same when I have the entire orchestra in front of me. 


I want to share a secret with you. I usually do not know how I will interpret the score until the very moment when I play it. My "direction" is totally open and the musicians playing with me are great professionals. We can say I do not "direct" on stage. I compose live the Music that fits perfectly my own feelings in that very moment. 


I love being on stage, I greatly enjoy the show every time. I give myself to the audience, I melt with her, in her. 


It is not the piano, it is the Music itself the instrument I use to share my soul. 


The story of me as a child is the story of my entire life. 

The little boy inventing new games is the mirror of my never ending research.. Toward new artistic territories, non conventional Music instruments, unexplored techniques, new arts applied to music. 


 I do not stop in front of what is conventional or just "right" to everyone, I pursue the realization of my visions until the very end. This is my personal code. The only way I know to make magic happen. 


I am currently busy developing a project where "director" will have a different meaning for me. 


One of the key conditions to be a good musician is to be able to "feel". It takes a lot of courage to open up to life and let it flow through you, for bad and for good. To have such a faith in life to let your heart out there unguarded to experience everything beyond everyone's perception and then give it back to the world through Music. 


This is me. My essence. This is what I do not tell if asked. 


Then there're other reflections of me, the "characters" I have invented and that I "use" to share with the audience part of my art. 


 As an example the "Maestro Cremonesi", existing on stage and in radio from more 20 years. Through this character I can play on several "frequencies".  I can play with the art of improvisation, create arrangements that melt different genres of Music and keep high the link with the empathic side of my creativity, the special tool that allows me to click immediately with a lot of italian and international artists playing and creating for them new ideas to perform live on stage. 


Enrico composer and Music producer, live in the stadium in front of 45.000 spectators and 20 heads of state and in live broadcast worldwide with the original soundtrack of the Turin 2006 IX Paralympic Opening Ceremony. 


Enrico, the chosen artistic signature on the lifetime album of one of the most famous Italian voices in the world. 


And many other reflections of me, that you can not imagine right now and with whom I am enjoying my time pushing the art bonduaires a bit further.


 ... Until the time when I'll be ready to share it all with you. 


With love and respect, 


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