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The “Maestro Cremonesi” is one of my  characters. 

He is the artistic partner of the Italian Showman Fiorello since year 2004. 

When he takes part in a show (Tv, Theatre or radio), he’s responsible for the music direction of the same and he’s as well the orchestra conductor. 

The “Maestro” shares my eclectic approach to music and the ability to merge different stiles into new and unconventional arrangements. Thanks to his empathic creativity and the art of improvisation the “Maestro” had the chance to cooperate with a lot of national and International Artists that took part in Fiorello’s shows.




2004: Stasera pago io revolution (Rai 1) - Music Direction, Orchestra Conductor
2008: W Radio due minuti (Rai 1) - Music Direction, Orchestra Conductor
2009: Fiorello show (Sky ) - Music Direction, Orchestra Conductor
2011: Il più grande spettacolo dopo il weekend (Rai 1) - Music Direction, Orchestra Conductor


2002: Stasera paghi te - Music Direction, Piano and Keyboards
2003/2004: Fiore,nessuno e centomila - Music Direction, Piano and Keyboards
2005/2007: Volevo fare il ballerino - Music Direction, Piano and Keyboards
2009/2010: Fiorello show - Music Direction, Piano and Keyboards
2015/2016: L'ora del Rosario - Music Direction, Piano and Keyboards


2001-2008: W Radio 2 - Music Direction
2017: Il Socialista (Radio Deejay ) - Music Direction 
2018-2019: Il Rosario della sera (Radio Deejay) - Music Direction

Musiche originali

2001-2008: W Radio 2
2008: W Radio due minuti 
2009: Fiorello show


2004: A modo mio (Fiorello ) - BMG



Album: A modo mio
Song: "Città vuota"


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